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The southern city of Aswan is located on the east bank of the Nile. It is known for its busy market and vivacious tourist center. The most famous attractions in Aswan are Abu simbel and the Aswan Hi Dam. The Nile in Aswan is nearly 3000 yards wide.

History :

During the ancient times of Egypt, Aswan was known as Swenet. This city was the border town at the time to the south of Egypt, Swenet derived Its name from an Egyptian goddess with the same name, and was also the Egyptian symbol for trade. Also, because the Nile flows from the south to the north of Egypt, and the ancient Egyptians associated the origin of the Nile In the south, Swenet was considered the first town In Egypt. Therefore, they referred to Swenet as the opening or beginning of Egypt.

Climate :

Aswan is one of the driest inhabited places in the world. As of early 2001 ,the last rain there was six years earlier. The weather is generally hot and humid, with very slight chances of rainfall.

Places to visit :

Abu simbel
Aswan High Dam
Elephantine island
Temple of Kalabsha
Philae Island

Did you know :

A special type of granite rock called Syenite, which was from Aswan, was used to build the colossal statues, obelisks and shrines throughout Egypt. Most importantly, they were brought from Aswan up the river to build the Pyramids.

Flying time to Aswan : 1.25 hours
Distance : 982 km
Frequency : 5 dally fights
Aircraft Type: Embraer 170 LR
Class Configuration : Economy & Business
On Board Services : Economy Class : Beverage
Business Class : Beverage + Cold Meal

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