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Malta Is a southern European country located centrally in the Mediterranean. As one of Europe's smallest countries, Malta covers just over 300 km2 in land area.

History :

The culture of Malta is greatly reflected through the various cultures that have come Into contact with the Islands over centuries of time. These Include numerous neighboring Mediterranean countries, and cultures of other nations who ruled Malta for a long period of time.

Also, Malta’s location has given it strategic importance to a sequence of ruling powers, including Phoenicians, Romans, Fatimids, Sidilians, French and British. Malta eventually gained Its Independence from the United Kingdom in 1964, but kept the culture each country affected It with. It became a republic in 1974, but retained its membership in the Commonwealth of Nations.

Climate :

The climate is generally Mediterranean with mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers. Effectively there are only two seasons, which makes the islands attractive for tourists, especially during the drier months. However, strong winds can make Malta feel cold during the springtime.

Places to visit :

Gharida Beach
Vittorosa - Armory
wignacourt water tower
San Anton Palace
Gauci tower
Fort Madliena
Anchor Bay

Did you know :

In the past, it is said that there used to be an extended bridge connecting Malta to Sicily.

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