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Taba is a small Egyptian tourist town near the northern tip of the Gulf of Aqaba, on the border crossing with neighboring Israel, The town is a frequent vacation destination for Egyptians and tourists as it is the most northern resort of Egypt's Red Sea Riviera.

History :

The town of Taba was considered to be the last town to be returned to Egypt after the Egypt-Israel conflict, as its location Is on the border of the two countries. After a long dispute, an international commission ruled that Taba to be returned to Egypt in 1989, Prior to the conflict, Taba was merely a Bedouin village near the Gulf of Aqaba. Before that, It was a rest town for traders using the caravan route to the fort of Aqaba.

Climate :

Taba weather Is primarily a desert type with hot dry summers (May to September) and mild winters (November to March). Rainfall occurs mainly, in the north of the peninsula and to a lesser extent in the southern mountain region.

Places to visit :

Castle Zaman
Salah El Din’s Castle
Pharaoh’s Island

Did you know :

With its location in the Gulf of Aqaba, if you stand at the waterfront of Taba, you can see Jordan, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

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